Quest Velomobile

Quest XL

The Quest is one of the fastest human-powered vehicles made.  It is built of carbon fiber (fiberglass versions also available), has suspension on all 3 wheels, and is very comfortable.

Quest accessories include light packages, including brake lights and turn signals, cockpit roofs and skirts for weather protection, and high performance gearing systems.


Velomobiles represent the evolution of the bicycle: 3 wheels provide a stable ride and the body shell provides protection from the elements as well as a substantial aerodynamic advantage.  A velomobile rider will typically cruise 15-25% faster than the same rider on a conventional bicycle, making velomobiles ideal vehicles for long distance touring, or as an alternative to a second car.

Quest XS

Currently, we represent 2 velomobile manufacturers: Bluevelo (, manufacturers of the Quest and Strada; and Trisled (, producers of the Rotovelo.

We have test ride vehicles on-hand and usually have one or two models availa.ble for immediate sale.  Give us a call or email to check availability or to schedule a test ride


For riders 5’9” and shorter, we offer the Quest XS.  Featuring the same slippery aerodynamics as the XL, the smaller XS is arguably even faster. The XS can be equipped with the same accessory packages as the XL.

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If you’re looking for an alternative to the Quest, check out our newest model, the Rotovelo. A simpler machine than the Quest, the Rotovelo doesn’t have suspension and has a steel frame with a durable rotomolded plastic shell (similar to a kayak).

How Much?

Prices range from approximately $8,500 for the Rotovelo to $15,000 for a fully loaded Quest. Base price for a Quest, including shipping, is approximately $10,500.  Contact us for more information regarding accessories and pricing.



When a velomobile rolls down the street or stops at a cafe, people stop and stare, or reach for their cameras - If you’re a business owner that would like to put your message on a rolling billboard seen by thousands, contact us and we’ll be happy to show you how we can help promote your business across Texas,

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